Cultural & Biological

Erin Joan Forsyth is a self-taught illustrator and visual artist from Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa, Auckland, New Zealand.

The detailed illustrations found here have been hand drawn or painted by Erin based on careful. Only minimal digital finishing has been used to ensure a natural likeness of these prints to the original artwork.

The flora and fauna series Rau is an ongoing project which looks to reinvigorate knowledge of native and endemic species by reuniting images with information. Information is not intended to be specialist or authoritative, instead it aims to be accumulative by bringing together simple scientific facts and widely accepted cultural associations into an accessible form.

This is best illustrated by the learning sheets which include information in te reo Maori as well as the English language. The name 'Rau' may be translated as 'leaf' or 'hundred' or 'to put into' and was chosen for this dynamic meaning.