Kahukōwhai and Kahukura


Kahukōwhai, yellow admiral (Vanessa itea) & Kahukura, NZ red admiral (V. gonerilla gonerilla)

Fine Art Reproduction
Signed edition of 100

The kahukōwhai and kahukura (red cloak), red and yellow admirals are depicted here with their preferred host plants - stinging nettles. Kahukōwhai - a native species also found in other countries - is known to prefer exotic nettle species such as Urtica urens (which it is pictured with here) while kahukura - although similar to red admirals found in Europe, Asia and North America, is an endemic species - preferred the native ongaonga, nettle tree, U. ferox with which it is pictured here.

Clockwise from top: Kahukura dorsal view, ventral view, larvae/caterpillar in a silken ‘larval tent’ which acts as a protective camou age from would be predators, larvae/caterpillar, dark and light varieties of kahukura chrysalises, kahukōwhai chrysalis, kahukōwhai larvae/ caterpillar, ventral view and dorsal view.

This work was exhibited in the recent exhibition 'A Few' - the third installment in an ongoing series of natural history illustrations depicting native and resident species of Aotearoa, New Zealand - by Erin Forsyth. They exhibition took place at the TSB Wallace Arts Centre, Pah Homestead in Auckland October 30 - December 9.
This work and the other epe or pūrerehua/butterflies (Lepidoptera) studies from the exhibition 'A Few' were prepared in response to Forsyth's research in the entomology department of The Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira overseen by curator John Early.

Fine art reproductions are available with the HAND WRITTEN species title and are SIGNED INDIVIDUALLY
The total edition of artist reproductions of this image is LIMITED TO 100.
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