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ISBN: 978-0-473-47532-1 Pages: 64
Hand-numbered edition of 100, perfect bound, 210mm W x 270mm H

Rakau, Trees, A – Z is the second journal in the Tauhou series combining refreshed information & contemporary natural history illustrations of plants, animals & ecosystems - the biological diversity - of Aotearoa, New Zealand.
As the title suggests this journal focuses on native tree species with a few shrubs, herbs & animals for good measure. Its aim is to aid in plant recognition for the beginner by getting to know some of the key native species more intimately with texts providing insight into the diversity, character & cultural signi cance of the species illustrated. It is a non-academic work though a list of the main online and print resources referenced in its production is provided.

A - Z, a familiar concept from books of time past, refers to the framing of the botanical illustrations herein (AKA the alphabet). As you would rightly imagine it also refers to the alphabeticised order of the illustrations by plant name and the common character form of the three languages frequently used to name plants and animals in and of Aotearoa - te reo Māori, English and Latin.

Suitable for con dent readers 15 +, texts in this volume are only in English at this time. Plant, plant parts & place names are included in te reo Māori.
Species & plant parts are indexed in te reo Māori, English and Latin for quick referencing.

Books in this first edition are hand numbered in an edition of 100.