Pekapeka-tou-poto, lesser short-tailed bat (Mystacina tuberculata)


Pekapeka-tou-poto bats have short mousy grey fur, likened in appearance by many to a kiwifruit, they have long pointed ears that reach the snout when folded forward.
Pekapeka-tou-poto are nocturnal and the world’s most terrestrial bat, hunting and foraging on the ground. They do this by using their unique ability to fold their wings up under a thick fold of skin, enabling the forearms (aided by protruding ‘thumbs’) to act as front limbs so they can quickly crawl and climb.

Pekapeka-tou-poto is thought to be a pollinator of the wood rose, pua o te reinga (Dactylanthus taylorii), New Zealand’s only endemic, fully parasitic angiospermae (flowering plant), which is itself a threatened species.

Fine art reproductions are available with the HAND WRITTEN species title 'Pekapeka-tou-poto, lesser short-tailed bat (Mystacina tuberculata)' and are SIGNED INDIVIDUALLY
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An A2 learning sheet is also available. This is a poster option and is unsigned. The learning sheet includes species names in te reo Maori, English and Latin, as well as basic species information in te reo Maori and in the English language. It is suitable for classrooms and other learning environments. It's attractive gloss finish allows for greater durability.
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