Pepeketua - native frogs learning sheet


Native pepeketua are small (<5cm) and nocturnal. They are so considered ‘living fossils’ having evolved very little over 150,000,000 years. They do not croak or have a tadpole stage, instead hatching as froglets, which ride on the back of the male of the species until they develop. They have round, not slit eyes and no outer eardrum. There are 4 species remaining of the 7 documented since European arrival.

An A2 learning sheet is available. This is a poster option and is unsigned. The learning sheet includes species names in te reo Maori, English and Latin, as well as basic species information in te reo Maori and in the English language. It is suitable for classrooms and other learning environments. It's attractive gloss finish allows for greater durability.
The A2 learning sheet is pictured in image 2.

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